Website Tools

Website Tools

Website Tools

This page will highlight the list of free website tools that were discussed on other pages.

Website tools from the Research page:

  • Researching for a domain: Digital Point
    • Domain Registrars: godaddy, tucows, network solutions
    • Possibly purchasing a domain from a reselling such as afternic
    Where to find free website templates (that look good) with limited terms of use:

    • Hoover Web Design
    • Wyoming Web Design
    • Open Source Website Designs
    • Free website Templates
    Tools that are available from the Editors page that are FREE to download:

  • Open BEXI HTML Builder
  • Cobald web builder
  • HTML based CSS Editor
    Tools listed from the Graphics page:

  • Net Mechanic – Free Online Graphics optimizer
  • A list of other graphics programs.
    Useful free script sites :

  • FREE PHP scripts
    • PHP Junk Yard – Hot Scripts – Free-PHP – PHP Freebies
  • For FREE Java Scripts
    • Java Script Source – Java File – Java Script Kit – Free Java Scripts
  • Links to free DHTML scripts.
    • Dynamic Drive – DHTML Shock – DHTML Lab – DHTML Scripts

All of the tools listed on this page are legitimate sites that offer exactly what they say they do. We won’t send you to one of those lame link landing pages. The information listed on this site is the orginal content of this author. Good Luck with those websites.

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