Website Tips

Website Tips

Website Tips

This page will contain the website tips suggested throughout the other pages of this site. To read them in more depth please see the pages they are discussed in more detail.

Tips from the Research page:

  • What makes a successful website?
    • Website Layout – Create the places on your website for your adverstisements or affiliate links.
    • Website Content – Maintain the content you said you would be providing as listed on the homepage of your website.
    • Website Relevance – Purchase a domain name, keeping your content relevant to what the website is about.
    • Website Optimization – Discussed in some detail on the graphics page of this site. Discussed in deepth at our partner site.
    • Website Promotion – Discussed in detail at our partner site.

Tips from the Template page:

  • What people are looking for when searching information on the internet:
    • Relevant content to their searchs.
    • Navigation thats easy to follow.
    • Asthetically Pleasing to the eye.

Tips from the Editors page:

  • We listed some free to use website editors to work with page layouts.
  • Finding an html editor that works for you at a price you can afford.

Tips from our graphics page:

  • Optimize graphics to decrease page load times.
  • Decrease graphics by using table background colors, instead of using graphics .
  • A short list of free online graphic optimizers.

Tips from our scripts page:

  • Add scripts that enhance the graphics or functionality of your website.
  • Links to free PHP scripts.
  • Links to free Java scripts.
  • Links to free dhtml scripts.

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