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Website Templates

Website Templates

The next step to creating an online empire is to choose a website template that works with your level of experience. Some of the most common languages are <html> and for more advanced scriptors <?php>. There are a lot of tutorial websites for both languages and to make things easier, if you’ve decided on using the html format but need a little help, we’d recommend¬† So what are people looking for when they go to a website?

  • Content relevant to their search
  • Easy Navigation
  • If it looks pleasing to the eye, thats a plus

Did you notice that the last thing people really look for when they go to a website is asthetics? So, keep your template simple and easy to navigate. Also keep in mind when choosing the template that its best to keep it consistant with the genre your appealing to. For instance, if I’m making a website where I am targetting the adult genre, I don’t want to use a lot of anime graphics. Choosing the right text size and colors is also a benefit. Most woman won’t stay on a site thats neon green when looking for cooking recipes. Nor will they beable to read their favorite apple pie recipe if the the font size is to small, 1/2 cup of apples can make all the difference to them!

What about a layout? Well, there again, what is your comfort level. Its better to start out with very basic html, much like this sites layout. Considering the amount of time and energy you’ll be putting into the content sometimes its best not to allow frustration to put an early end to your website building experience. There are several free website template sites available and most only require that you leave the link that they have placed on the template back to them. Its a small price to pay for someone elses work. Give credit where credit is due.

The next consideration for your template layout is deciding what your going to do with your webiste. Are you going to try to get into an ad program such as google adsense or yahoo publisher? Are you going to find affiliate programs that are relevant to your site? Choosing a layout that fits those goals is only something you can decide. Keep it simple. Offer the content you say your going to offer on your homepage. If your going to try to make your own layout, draw it out on paper first, see what you like. Leave those spaces/blocks for your advertisers, sometimes where you place them on the page makes all the difference in the amount of potential income the website has.

Listed below are just a few of the many available FREE templates sites who also offer low budget website template you can browse:
Hoover Web Design
Wyoming Web Design
Open Source
Free Website Templates

So now you have chosen a template, whats next?

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