Website Scripts

Website Scripts

Website Scripts

There are a lot of website scripts available and most of them are free to use. They can be used to make slide shows right on your site. Change how people see one page to the next. Add features to your site by displaying news feeds, a visitors location, even the weather or time and date.

Some types of scripts would include .php, java scripts and dhtml scripts. What they do depends on the type of script that they are. php adds features that makes a website more functional, it can also be embedded into html format. Javascripts can really add to the look of your site, while adding componants to your images, such as water and snow effects. dHTML also can add to the functionality of your website.

Some scripts offer forms for feedback, guest books, or even blogs. Included on this page are some links to some free PHP scripts for you to browse through for additional possibilities:

Now for some of those Java Scripts:

How about some DHTML Scripts

Whew, thats a lot of scripts to browse through and choosing the right ones to fit the theme of your site as well as the functionality of it is totally up to you. Its a gentle balance between: graphics, scripts and load time. You’ll have to try different combinations until your satisfied with the results.

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