Website Research

Website Research

Website Research

Making a website looks easy right? There are billions of websites on the Internet however, out of those billions of websites, how many of them do you actually see? What are the differences in those websites that we actually find to those that are only viewed by the authors of the sites?

  • Layout
  • Content
  • Website relevance
  • Optimization
  • Promotion

So you have an idea for a website. Lets use the example toothpicks. Toothpicks are interesting to you but how many people are actually looking for information about toothpicks. To research how many search’s there are on a daily basis for toothpicks we’re going to use Digital Point which is an excellent research tool. If you look down the left menu you’ll see the link labeled “keyword suggestion”. In the search field type toothpicks, click enter, enter the security code and then wait a minute or 2 for the page to load. As the results indicate there are approximately 127 search’s a day on the Internet for toothpicks. That’s fine if you only want a few visitors a day to visit a site that you spend many hours making.

This is our suggestion. Pick up a piece of paper or open a notepad on your computer. Now brainstorm ideas of things that you find interesting. Once you have your list of ideas, research them to find out how many people a day have that similar interest. Once you find your idea and an interested audience with over 1,000 hits a day (low value), then we can move on to the next step. Choosing a domain:

A domain is commonly confused with a website. However there are major differences. When you make a website it is generally hosted by someone who owns a domain, tripod is an example of that, is actually a domain, anything hosted on that is a website. There are many free website hosts available, however if you want to retain all rights to your content and market it, it is in your best interest to research domains. There are several domain registrants available, to name a few: Godaddy, tucows, network solutions and many many more. Your can search for available domain names from any domain registrant. How you choose a domain registrant is totally up to you, spend some time reviewing what they offer. Domains are not as expensive as some people may think. Generally you can purchase domains for under $10 a year. Some registrants such as Godaddy also offer whois protection which ensures your privacy online. You may also want to consider a domain reseller to find a domain. afternic is one such reseller. The benefit to buying a domain at a reseller is the way in which search engines give “weight” to searchs. Age of a domain (date of initial registration) is one way of giving your website a jump on the competition. What to look for in a domain name?

Well, if your site is about rabbits you won’t want a domain name such as Finding the domain name best suited to the content of your site can be a long tedious process but the pay off can be huge, its time well spent. Finding a domain name consistent with what will be the content of your site will hold weight with search engines. Alright, now you’ve chosen the interest off from your list and you’ve researched and bought a domain. When you want to renew your domain, get is done using Godaddy renewal coupon at affordable price. Whats next?

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