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Website Graphics

Website Graphics

Great, so you have your editor ready for get the template into shape and for adding the content to your pages. Lets talk about graphics that you will use for your website. So you chosen some really awesome, eye catching graphics that are sure to impress anyone. Thats good, BUT how are those awesome graphics going to affect the load time of your pages? The bigger a graphic is (kb, mbit, gbit) the longer it will take your pages to be displayed in a web browser.

Lets say you have 4 potential people coming to your website: Impatient Joe, who never waits for anything, Moderate Mary thats busy doing her housework but could use a short break, Fruggle Phil who will wait for a bargain and, Boredom Bill who would wait 10 minutes for a 100 gbit picture to load. They all come to your site with those awesome graphics. Well, Impatient Joe who doesn’t wait for anything, clicks back, hes not going to wait 10 seconds for that page to load. Mary, closes the page convinced she should get back to work. Phil and Bill wait for the page to load and really appreciate those graphics. However, over all you’ve just lost 50% of your website traffic. 50%! Multiple that by 1000 potential hits to your site and you’ve lost up to 500 hits just because of those awesome graphics. So, what can be done about that?

  • Graphics Software program – However there are not many free ones and they can get very expensive.
    The Gimp – FREE Image Manipulation Program
    Adobe FireWorks
    Corel Paint Shop Pro
  • Free Online Graphic Optimizers – There are many out there but this one works!
    Net Mechanic – This is an excellent FREE resource.
    The downside is you can only do one image at a time.

Great! Now you have all those images optimized and your load time was decreased by 25%!. Good job. So let see how your visitors like those changes: Impatient Joe waits 10 seconds and leaves before the site loads (will anything please him?). Mary now waits for the page to load, Phil and Bill, well, they’ll wait for anything. So by optimizing those graphics you’ve increased your website traffic by 25%. Which means out of 1000 potential hits your now getting up to 750 of those hits! So how do we decrease the load time even more to get those Impatient Joe’s to the site?

Well, do you really need all the graphics that you have? Consider reducing the amount of images or other graphics you have. Whats more important to you, having the graphics or having the hits and potential business to your pages. Avoid things like flash and link button images (text links are better and help with those difficult to gain positions with search engines). Using colored table backgrounds instead of images will help to cut down on the number of graphics as well.

Instead of having 6 graphics, reduce that number to 3. By doing so you will reduce the load time enough on your site to even get those Impatient Joe’s to wait for the pages to load. So Whats Next?

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